Welcome to Definition Designs

My name is Davin Salo, and I am a Graphic Multimedia Web Designer.

If you're looking to see my work, take a look at my portfolio here. For flash examples, please download and open in a desktop PDF viewer.

To view live examples of my work, please visit www.newvu.org (non mobile friendly), www.newvucounselling.org (mobile friendly sister site) and www.siouxbulletin.com.

Additionally you can find me on LinkedIn HERE: View Davin Salo's LinkedIn profile View Davin Salo's profile

On Facebook HERE: Definition Designs on Facebook

and on the Behance Network HERE: Davin Salo on Behance


If you would like to get in contact with me, please do so by E-mail at salo.davin@outlook.com, or by Phone at 807-220-0771.

Thank you for your interest.